Remember all our prices are per quad (passengers ride free)

  • 1 hour trek  =  €50 per quad (min 2 x quads)
  • 2 hour trek   = €90 per quad
  • 3 hour trek    =  €130  (120 for 2 or more quads)
  • Jeep tour (2 hour)  = €45 per person
  • Jeep tour (3 hours)    = €65 per person
  • 10% discount when  four people booked.        (jeep tour)
Please bring your driving licence  with you if you are driving a quad

We think you will agree our prices are very reasonable for what we offer , and please be careful of other company’s offering tours on bikes that are either too powerful, un-safe, or not designed for 2 people.

All our quads are serviced regularly and hold a full current itv (m.o.t) and our guides are first aid trained and carry a first aid kit at all times.

Please note all deposits are Non refundable.

quad tour payment

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